Weekly Check-In Form

  • (1 being no motivation at all, 10 being really high)
  • Let's celebrate what made you feel good this week! This could be fitting a smaller size of clothing, achieving a goal, drinking less wine, doing all your planned sessions or simply managing more than you did last week.
  • Is there anything you'd like to do better, or anything extra you'd like to start working on?
  • E.g. a stressful deadline or event that we should aim to plan around together.
  • E.g. "I'll do 2 strength sessions, 1 cardio session, and I'll plan my meals each day in advance so I don't eat rubbish". Try to put your planned sessions in your diary so they become a part of your week. Don't worry about how much you commit to, just make it as realistic as possible - set yourself up for success!
  • Use this box to offload any thoughts or questions you have. Remember, there are no silly questions!

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